Corporate Responsibility

Safety Policy

The company operates a Safety Management System which the directors are competent in operating through their knowledge and experience of Health and Safety Regulations. The company produces a site specific statement for each new project identifying all the specific health and safety obligations associated with the project. The management and implementation of this statement is the responsibility of the project supervisor of the construction stage (The PSCS, who is normally the main contractor). The statement is regularly updated as required to incorporate all specialist subcontractor’s works. This site specific statement will be operated by the site management team and control is assured by internal and external assessment. At the completion of the project, a safety file is submitted to the client containing the relevant safety and maintenance information on the project.

Quality Policy

The directors and employees of HBS Construction Limited. are totally committed to quality workmanship and continuous improvement.

The company continually reviews and monitors;

  • Performance and client satisfaction.
  • Client Requirements and Specifications.
  • Management, Employee and Third Party Training and Development.
  • Organizational Goals and Objectives.
  • Environmental Duty of care.
  • Adherence and Compliance with current Health & Safety Legislation.

The management and employees of HBS Construction Limited are fully committed to our Quality of work principles and compliance with them is mandatory.

Environmental Policy

The Organisation accepts its responsibility to behave in an environmentally friendly manner and will try to preserve the earth’s resources for future generations. The Organisation will where practicable use renewable resources, recycled products and reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

In accomplishing this we will:

  1. Comply with all international, national and local legislation, codes of practice and international treaties.
  2. Ensure that our work activities do not create unacceptable risks to other people or the environment in general.
  3. Assess the amount of waste generated by our operations including any discharges to the atmosphere and discharges into the water system.
  4.  Ensure that all of our waste, especially hazardous waste, is disposed of in a safe manner by using reputable licensed waste disposal companies.
  5. The company will reclaim, recycle and reuse as much waste it generates as practicable